Project Planning

Provides project management and support at every stage from preparation of the Tender and Contract File to the creation of the project, from the implementation of the project to the supervision of the project. Project Management is also responsible for cost management and work program management throughout the entire process.

Interior Design

Alia, architects the interior design in accordance with the concept of the investor. During the preparation of the designs, the alternatives of local & imported materials in the design are researched in detail and presented to customers.The selected materials are chosen and essabled based on the design with great care.

3D Modeling

Using the programs available to interior design and architecture, we add technological dimension to any structure or design. The digital technology is used not only in design, but also in production and assembly. 3D modeling details are designed as close to the actual model as possible, any unexpected defects that may occur during the production process can be avoided observing on the prototype.


We are working on creative, research-oriented and application experiences that will meet the needs of our time, integrating large scale design, project and application services in a unified manner. We expand architectural boundaries by exploring new ideas, approaches and materials, and underline that architecture does not belong to a specific group or class, and we act with the “Design for all ”approach.