What We Do

Project Management Services

Completion Phase

Final evaluation & calculations, archive & documentation procedures. Identifying imperfections, Conducting provisional approval phases, Preparation of systems and guarantee documentation, building up maintenance and operation manuals, conducting the final approval.

Design Management

Constituting a project concept design in line with the scope of the project defined within the preliminary planning, developing the design, managing the coordination of the design phases among the project design groups.

Preliminary Design Phase

Clear description of the project scope and purpose. Determining target budget and project duration (master program). Setting up teams and HR plan. Implementing cost, quality and reporting management systems and procedures. Establishing communication and information management procedures, methodologies and mobilization. Buiding project concept design in line with the scope defined within the preliminary planning. Developing the design. Conducting design work coordination among the project design groups.

Tender Offer Management

Artwork, technical, administrative blueprints, venue and brand lists, inspection report, design based unit pricing. Tender procedures & phases. Evaluating proposals based on finance and technical specifications. Contracts. Revisions based on demand.

Construction Management

Ensuring productions carried out in accordance with general and detailed technical specifications, standards, contract, scientific and artistic codes, within schedule. Updating the program schedules by monitoring the work progress. Management of tenders and contract procedures during construction. Preparation of estimated budgets in line with project progress and cost control within the scope of cost management. Perform quality assurance and controls in line with quality standards. Implementation and controls of occupational health and safety. Ensuring strong communication, document flow and archiving by using a common document management system with project stakeholders. Periodic reporting. Up to date project risk assessment. As-built projects.


On behalf of the project owner, we provide planning, execution and control services to improve project service quality at all stages of the project, from initial design to termination. We use all innovative methods and tools to complete the project on the scheduled date.